FDE Inverter Arc Welder

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FDE Inverter Arc Welder

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  • 240V, single phase, fan cooled
  • Output current range (A) 20-200A
  • Smoothly runs a wide range of rods from 1.6-4.0mm
  • Duty cycle (%) 35% @ 200A / 60% @ 160A / 100% @ 120A
  • Stable arc DC inverter IGBT technology ,High duty cycle
  • Portable design , excellent overload and anti-static protection
  • Easy arc start and deep penetration ability
  • Suitable for welding carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, stainless steel ,etc.
  • Compete with electrode holder, earth clamp, face mask, gloves,hammer
  • Gross weight:5 kg, Net weight :6.5kg
  • 10 AMP plug

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FDE Inverter Arc Welder

This high-tech FDE arc welder is based on inverter IGBT technology that gives perfect welding performance for quick start, deep penetration , the best polished weld finish with accurate stability of the Arc and smoothly runs a wide range of electrode rods.The compact design provides perfect portability , yet it does not sacrifice power output for its reduced weight. The all new smart welding tool is easy to operate and it is popular worldwide suitable for home use and workshops alike.

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